Parent Information Memos

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Corpus Christi Virtual Talent Shows

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Calling all Corpus Christi students! Do you have a talent or passion you would like to share with us? Everyone is welcome to participate!

We will be using FlipGrid.   All you’ll have to do is click on a link and add your act! (max. time of 1 min.)

Primary Students (K-3)!!!!

  • (Deadline:  June 12th @ 3:30 p.m.)

  • Click on the link below to access the Primary Talent Show

  • Use your school email (ocsbstudent) account to access

  • Record your talent.

  • *if you are using the FlipGrid App on a phone, the FlipCode is simply:  cchprimarytalentshow

Finished products will be shared to all! 

Time to SHINE and share your talents!!

Junior Students (4-6): (coming next week)

  •  will be able to submit during the week of June 15th. (Link to add your act & instructions will be sent out on Sunday, June 14th and you’ll have until Friday, June 19th to add)

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication.  You are ALL missed!

#WeAreCorpusChristi #ocsbAtHome

Sheri Stashick & Corpus Christi Staff

Be Well / Be Active Challenge Video

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Thank you for all of your participation and enthusiasm.  We had over 45 submissions!  So many students, parents and staff BEing WELL and BEing ACTIVE!  Watch here for our Corpus Christi collaborative video of activities, skills and strategies:



Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication.  You are ALL missed!

#WeAreCorpusChristi #ocsbAtHome

"Thank You to Staff / Messages of Hope" Video

posted May 13, 2020, 6:37 AM by Sheri Stashick

Wow!  Thank you for all of your contributions to this ‘Igniting Hope / Thank You to Staff’ video.  Staff enjoyed and was very touched by this surprise.  What a gift of hope and thanks.  #WeAreCorpusChristi

‘Igniting Hope - Thank You to CCH Staff’ Video

Prayer Hands - Igniting Hope

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Thank you for demonstrating hope for others and yourselves by creating prayer hands.  Pope Francis gave us this simple way to pray using our 5 fingers.  Please see a collection of Corpus Christi students and staffs ‘prayer hands’:

‘Igniting Hope’ - CCH Prayer Hands Slideshow

"You've Got A Friend In Me" ... by the Corpus Christi Staff

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Thank you to Ms. Dumont and her son for putting this video together.  We miss you all!

Toy Story - "You've Got a Friend in Me" | Buzz and Woody sin… | Flickr

Memo to Parents: April 30th

posted Apr 30, 2020, 10:47 AM by Sheri Stashick



 “Dress As Your Favourite Fictional Character Day”!! 

(Thank you to Louisa for the request!)

Don’t forget to send in your pics to corpus.christi@ocsb.ca or tag us on Twitter @CorpusOCSB. 

Next Week is Education Week.  (May 3rd - May 8th).  

The theme this year is: IGNITING HOPE.  Please see the following information from the OCSB Catholic Education Week Committee:

Igniting Hope - OCSB Virtual Activities Memo

Kim Hutchinson (@MsKHutchinson) | Twitter

May is Arts Month.  Click here for information about various Arts Activities taking place in the OCSB during the Month of May.

#WeAreCorpusChristi #ocsbAtHome #TogetherApart

Sheri Stashick & Corpus Christi Staff


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Wow!  Thank you for all of your contributions, yesterday. So much Earth Day LOVE and Corpus Christi SPIRIT. Please take a peek at the collaborative slideshow below:


Administrative Professionals Day was also yesterday!  Thank you Ms. Kylie for everything you do for our Corpus Christi family!  We were able to surprise Ms. Kylie, yesterday, with a flower delivery from the students and staff of Corpus Christi!  We miss you and your beautiful smile! Xo 

Please stay safe and well!  You are missed!

#WeAreCorpusChristi #ocsbAtHome

Sheri Stashick & Corpus Christi Staff

Virtual PJ & Popcorn Day - Friday, April 3rd

posted Apr 2, 2020, 2:04 PM by Sheri Stashick

Tomorrow is Virtual PJ & Popcorn Day!!

As part of our Lenten Initiative, Friday, April 3rd was to be our “PJ & Popcorn” Day.  We may not be able to be together, but we would like to honour it virtually!

Please wear your PJ’s and grab your favourite stuffed animal!  Send us a picture at (Corpus.Christi@ocsb.ca) or tag us on Twitter (@CorpusOCSB)!

We can’t purchase popcorn, but maybe you could have popcorn for a treat tomorrow!  

Want to try different types of popcorn? We have put some recipes together (click here).  Great math learning occurs in the kitchen!

(Make sure you get parent permission!)

We are missing you all!  Sending love and prayers for happiness and good health!


Sheri Stashick & Corpus Christi Staff

Learning at Home Ideas for CCH Families

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Image result for learning at home clipart ideas

We miss you!!!  Please check out our collaborative 'Learning at Home' Ideas for CCH Families.  This 'living' document will be added to as our journey continues through these uncertain times.  Please take care of yourselves!  Be Well!  #WeAreCorpusChristi

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