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CCH - Parent Memo - January 29th

posted Jan 31, 2021, 11:36 AM by Sheri Stashick

Welcome Back Corpus Christi! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued PATIENCE, SUPPORT and FLEXIBILITY.  It is truly appreciated by our entire Corpus Christi community.

We have made a change to the arrival/dismissal procedures. These will start on Monday, February 1st. 

Arrival times:  8:55 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. and Dismissal Time:  3:40 p.m. will remain the same.

We will now be using the large gate on Fourth Avenue for all WALKING students, the small gate on Third Avenue for all BUS students, and the small entrance on Lyon St. for SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION students.  Please see map below: 

Instead of ALL students entering the school immediately upon arrival, we will be having only half of the students enter (alternating weeks). Primary students (Gr. 1-3) will remain on the yard during Week One. Junior students (Gr. 4-6) will go directly to class.  (Kinders will always go to the Kinder Play area outdoors). Don’t worry about remembering which week is which.  That will be OUR responsibility. This will allow extra outdoor time (similar to an extra recess) every second week.

Please know that all Covid-19 Safety Protocols will still be in effect.  Students will remain in their Cohorts on the yard and in the school.  

As parents will not be allowed to stay, or come onto school property, it will be imperative that you review these plans (ahead of time) with your child.  (I shared this information with the children over the Announcements this morning.)

* There will be staff members to guide students directly to their cohorted area on the yard OR to their classrooms.

For your information, the Cohorts remain the same as have been in place since September.



PRIMARY: COHORT B:  (Gr.1/Gr. 2)

COHORT C:  (Gr. 3A/3B)

JUNIOR: COHORT D:  (Gr. 4/5 IMM / Gr. 4/5 EXT / ECL)

COHORT E:  (Gr. 5/6 IMM / Gr. 5/6 EXT)


Self-Screening Tool

Please remember to use the Ottawa Public Health Self-Screening Tool to check your child for symptoms before sending your child to school. If you are concerned your child may exhibit symptoms and do not know where to get your child or family member tested, visit OttawaPublicHealth.ca/COVIDTesting for detailed information. All staff will also need to complete a self-assessment before going to work on Monday. 

What’s New - Mandatory masks (Grade 1 to 12)

Your child will now need to wear a mask if they are in Grades 1 to 3. Students in Grades 1 to 12 must wear non-medical or cloth masks indoors in school, including in hallways and during classes, on school transportation and outdoors during recess where students cannot maintain physical distancing. Exceptions will be made for students who are unable to wear masks for medical reasons. Physical distancing requirements will continue to be enforced at our schools.

*We are strongly encouraging students in Kindergarten to wear masks, as well.


The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority is working on providing full school transportation service for the new return date of February 1st. Please consult the Ottawa School Transportation Authority website for information related to transportation to and from school. We anticipate there may be some delays due to the short turnaround time.

Extended Day Programs resume Monday 

We’re back! If your child was registered in one of our Extended Day Programs, they can return on Monday, February 1, at all locations that were open before the lockdown. If you’re interested in sending your child to the Extended Day Program at an OCSB school, see our Child Care Programs page on the OCSB website for locations and registration details.


If you borrowed a Chromebook during this Remote Learning time, please send it back with your child on Monday.  We were pleased to be able to distribute these devices to assist with synchronous and asynchronous learning.  They will be needed in the classrooms on Monday.  Thank you for your attention to this request.

We need your continued patience and support as we follow our new school policies and practices to ensure the safety and success for all of our students and staff.  As we learn to live with COVID-19, we must continue to Be COVID-Wise and recognize that all of us have a role to play when it comes to reducing the spread of the virus. We are proud of our efforts to date and strive to continue and improve as we navigate through together.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

We celebrated “Colours of the Rainbow Day” today!  We had great participation.  We also took part in National Puzzle Day.  Here are a couple online puzzle links that I shared to surprise the students and staff:  PRIMARY PUZZLE LINK  / JUNIOR PUZZLE LINK  Enjoy!


See you Monday! Be Well!


Sheri Stashick

Principal - Corpus Christi

(613) 232-9743




Prayer for Strength in Challenging Times

We pray for your love and compassion to abound

as we walk through this challenging season.

We ask for wisdom for those who bear the load

of making decisions with widespread consequences.

We pray for those who are suffering with sickness

and all who are caring for them.

We ask for protection for the elderly and vulnerable

to not succumb to the risks of the virus.

We pray that fear may take no hold in our hearts and minds. 

We thank you for the mercy that you provide, Lord,

And we ask that you help us approach each day in faith and peace,

trusting in the truth of your goodness towards us. 

              Taken from: Xavier.edu